Expert Consultation

Every project begins with an expert consultation to assess your business needs, develop a detailed freight schedule and guide you through legal requirements to get your shipment ready for pick-up.

Ocean Freight

Your shipment travels across the world's seas, supervised by Go Forward for port selection, cargo equipment capacities, and cost-effective pricing.

Air freight

Your shipment's flight takes the fastest, easiest route with comprehensive tracking, coordination, and safety features in place from origin to destination.


Every shipment is evaluated by our team to guide your item classification, ISF filing, and port-of-entry compliance as quickly and cost-effective as possible.


We supervise each shipment from arrival to your doorstep, coordinating manpower and vehicle transport to keep your goods traveling safely, securely, and at your convenience.


With Marine Cargo insurance, your business is protected and your shipment secured from theft, damage, or loss during travel for a safer outcome, every time.

Go Forward

Freight Services


When it comes to business growth, every day matters.

Go Forward’s vast amount of carrier contracts and customs clearance knowledge allows us to optimize our shipping schedule to sidestep delays and choose the fastest path from star ting point to destination. With door-to-door service, we manage every step of your shipment’s trip to ensure a smooth, reliable delivery every time.


Have your budget... and quality service, too.

Import and export businesses often accrue heavy, but unnecessary, costs from freight and customs fees. Our Go Forward experts work within your budget to create a personalized freight schedule, and offer specialized advice to ensure you pay the lowest import fees for your goods.


We work smarter, so that you can get it faster.

With over 20 years in the industry, we’ve built a knowledge base that deeply understands international shipping and the needs of the import-based business---and we’re happy to share with you. We offer consultation and logistics guidance services to develop a shipping plan that meets your needs and supports your growth.

Let’s start moving faster, together.

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